7/2/2024 12:00:00 AM
Technology and production

Crouse contributing to national standard plan for auto parts

Crouse Company has managed to obtain the final approval from the National Standards Organization of Iran to develop 19 national standards for the automotive industry.

In response to the request made by the National Standards Organization to leading manufacturers in the automotive supply chain, and after the request was approved by the management of the company, Crouse Company embarked on drafting several requested national standards demanded by the Organization.

After forming a standard development team, including units for product standard planning, product development, laboratory, and relevant business units, Crouse Co. was entrusted with the development of several standards. The 8 national standards created in the first phase are as follows:

From the above-mentioned standards, the following have been presented in national committees and approved by their members: power seat switches, steering wheel switches, electric power steering gearbox, and metal fuel rail.


In the second phase of the process, the following standards are being developed: