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Crouse Company, as the largest and most advanced automotive parts manufacturer in West Asia, has always had a clear and fundamental strategy since its establishment in 1982: providing quality and reliable products to meet the needs of the country's industries, in line with utilizing available opportunities to penetrate foreign export markets. By continuously focusing on human capital, utilizing innovative technologies for product manufacturing, and expanding its commercial and technical relationships with the largest automotive parts manufacturers worldwide, the company has been able to offer its innovative products with the best quality and price to create added value for its customers. Crouse Company's organizational values include honesty and integrity, hard work and perseverance, technical knowledge, and attention to details, through which the company continuously strives to achieve its vision of becoming the most valuable and respected Iranian brand, making driving a pleasurable and safe experience for all car buyers and witnessing a reduction in road accidents nationwide.

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Crouse Offices Worldwide

Crouse Company has established its branch/representative offices in Turkey, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore in order to grow, develop, expand and also provide some of the necessary raw materials for production lines. The main purpose of establishing Crouse offices in other countries is to communicate with foreign suppliers who produce parts that are not easily available domestically. The presence of Crouse representatives in these countries and their communication with foreign suppliers not only helps in supplying parts but also significantly contributes to transferring up-to-date technical knowledge though collaboration with various Research and Innovation (R&I) departments of the company.