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Crouse Company began its activities in May 1981 under the name "Archiran," starting with the production of electrical components such as terminal blocks, microphone jacks, and glass fuses box in a small workshop. A year later, in 1982, the company rebranded to "Crouse Manufacturing Industries," and its activities continued with the production of various rocker switches for household appliances and lamp sockets. In 1986, due to the company's development plan, its production department was relocated to Rasht Industrial Park, and with the expansion of its production space, the number and variety of products increased. In 1989, it was decided to relocate the company back to Tehran, and subsequently, the first Crouse factory was opened at its current location on Fath Highway. The company's specialization in producing various polymer and industrial parts has attracted the attention of OEM car manufacturers. In 1995, the production of Paykan car panel keys was entrusted to Crouse, marking a significant milestone. Since then, the company's activities have continued specialized in automotive parts manufacturing With gradual growth and increased variety and volume in 15 different product groups required by the automotive industry, the company's location has expanded significantly. Currently, the company operates with 4 factories, including large production halls equipped with the best production facilities, strategically located close to the country's OEM car manufacturers. The localization or domestic production of automotive parts and innovation in their manufacturing process are among the company's significant achievements. Crouse is proud to currently supply 30% of the required parts for the Iranian automotive industry.

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The Industrial Management Organization has been publishing rankings of Iranian companies since 1998. These rankings serve the organization’s mission by providing valuable statistics and information, as well as a clearer insight into the economic business landscape of the nation. Moreover, they help enterprises, policymakers, and researchers gain a deeper and more accurate understanding of the scale, financial structure, and economic dynamics within large industries and enterprises in Iran. Here is the ranking of Crouse Industrial Manufacturing Company from 2013 to 2021:

Human Capital Headcount

The Crouse Company proved itself as an influential player in job creation and workforce recruitment, especially for women, who approximately constitute 70% of the organization’s workforce, three thousands of whom are heads of households. Additionally, despite facing numerous challenges such as currency fluctuations, the company has provided sustainable employment plans, and by incorporating a growth-oriented production approach, paved the way for the continuous growth of the employment trend.

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Certificates and Standards

One of Crouse Company's key requirements and strategies is to maintain the quality of its components at a global level. Since its establishment, the company has successfully obtained both national and international standards, including DEMKO (Denmark), NEMKO (Norway), FIMKO (Finland), VDE (Germany) and ISO certificates that cover the whole system from procurement to production. It is worth mentioning that in 1996, Crouse Company became the fifth Iranian company to achieve the ISO 9002 system standard. In the late 2010s, the company also met the IATF standard, which offered a more comprehensive approach compared to previous standards.

Mission, Purpose & Organizational Values


Becoming the most valuable and respectable Iranian brand


Providing quality and security for life

Organizational Values
Honesty and Integrity

Honesty and integrity at this company translates to transparency and doing the right thing, even in absence of supervision. Other aspects of this concept include constant and consistent behavior and commitment to principles.

Hard Work and Perseverance

Hard work and perseverance are defined as making efforts and striving from start until the end of delivering a task, even in the face of obstacles and difficulties. These two components constitute the most crucial factors for progress and obtaining success in a job.

Specialized Knowledge

Specialized knowledge represents expertise and proficiency in carrying out assigned tasks to the best of one’s abilities. Having high level of technical knowledge is a key factor in achieving organizational goals and distinguishing individuals from others.

Attention to Detail

Paying attention to detail means sufficient precision in performing tasks. Those who pay attention to details, review all plans and products to ensure high quality of their work. This feature helps a person keep a sharp look into every detail and avoid negligence. Such individuals are also quick to address any errors or inconsistencies in plans.

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