2/14/2024 12:00:00 AM

Crouse Delegates Attend ReACT International Conference

The 4th International ReACT Conference was held from 14 to 16 February in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Sharif University of Technology. In this three-day international conference, representatives of Crouse Company, along with a group of top professors from all over the world and senior executives of familiar companies, attended and presented useful materials about the current subjects in the fields of electricity, computer, and data science.

The International ReACT Event is held annually by the Scientific and Cultural Association of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Sharif University, to form a discourse on world-leading technologies and research and share updates on the fields of electrical engineering, computer engineering, and data science. The conference offers a series of achievements and research by the world's top university professors, senior executives, engineers of large corporations, alumni, and electrical, computer, and data science students. Also, in each day of seminar, participants in a three-person panel presented their ideas and experiences on the main topics, including technology and artificial intelligence.

Attending this conference provided an opportunity for the Crouse company to discuss the latest advanced technologies, ideas and research with world’s leading experts, and while providing its knowledge in this area, also benefits from the achievements of the most prestigious institutions and universities in the world.