Vision & Policy

Our Vision

Become the most valuable and respectable brand in Iran

Our Purpose

Bringing quality and safety in life

Quality Management System Policy

Crouse Co. as a designer and manufacturer of automotive parts elected following principals as its own quality policy in order to attain the quality and quantity objectives in compliance with standards IATF 16949:2016 + ISO 9001:2015 :

  • Continual endeavor to meet the requirements and customer satisfaction by all employees’ commitment to quality and continuous improvement.
  • Leadership and employees commitment in case of definition, deployment and development of QMS and ensuring of improvement and continual effectiveness.
  • Basically believe to the proper code of ethics and conducts and transparency inside the company.
  • Continuous employee training as the main pillar of QMS and their co-ownership gain in order to achieve the remarkable goals.
  • Process approach and risk-based thinking promotion.
  • Lessons learned organizational knowledge and experiences sharing.
  • Product design and development based on QMS standards, statutory/regulatory requirements and customer needs.
  • Scrap and waste reduction to enhance the power of competitiveness and market share by preventive and corrective action adoption and promotion to non-conformity occurrence prevention culture.

Fundamental Principals

  • Crouse goal is the customer and interested parties satisfaction attraction.
  • The employees are the main asset of Crouse.
  • Quality, environment protection, occupational health and safety is our priorities.
  • Continuous improvement and attention to details is our prosperity key.
  • The suppliers are our co-workers.

Organizational Responsibility Policy

A-Employees Conduct Values

  • Committed to the ethic principals such as truthfulness, equity, patience and continence, replication, responsiveness, law-abiding, loyalty, consult and survey and public respect.
  • Committed to team working, self-confidence and learning.
  • Committed to organizational dependency, respect to others and hierarchy toward making a dynamic ambience
  • Committed to 5S implementation in each workplace.
  • Committed to respect of accuracy, seriousness and discipline among delegated duties and attention to details.
  • Committed to respect the confidentiality.
  • Respecting the non-discriminatory on each nationality, religious and sexuality.
  • No search among the others private life.
  • Each kind of bribery or bargain of payment under title of commission or etc. is forbidden by each employee of Crouse.

B-Notification policy

  • All Crouse employees have safe and open ambience to declare any trespass, anxiety and suggestions.
  • The employees notify their supervisors directly in first step and those employees will report to the higher level of managers while facing negative reaction of direct responsible, otherwise there is prepared some boxes to have direct communication to the top manager of Crouse if there would not be any suitable feedback.
  • Any report should be without any rancor and with respect to honesty and equity and both sides should respect the confidentiality until finalizing the results and should be avoided of unusual situation creation for each reporter.
  • Any violent encounter to anyone who reports his/her anxieties or probable trespasses is out of our organizational values.

HSE Policy

We, as “Crouse Company”, are a pioneer organization in manufacturing Industry. It is our aim to have an HSE performance we can be proud of, like our products. In order to achieving this aim we:

  • Develop, Implement and continuously improve an HSE management system in which all our activities are embedded.
  • Comply with and, wherever possible, exceed applicable HSE regulatory requirements.
  • Prevent human injuries meanwhile provide equitable rehabilitation and recovery facilities for employees which is harmed or damaged.
  • Minimize our activities and product’s impact on the environment through pollution Prevention and control of emissions, the efficient use of natural resources and the reduction and recycling of waste.
  • Create and maintain participatory climate to encourage the free and honest reporting of HSE issues to gather relevant facts and prevent reoccurrence of accidents/incidents.
  • Conduct HSE audits, oversight and management reviews to measure and monitor continual improvement of HSE performance.

Crouse will be guided by the following HSE principles
  • The promotion of Health, Safety and Environmental performance is an integral part of our business.
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Protection is the responsibility of every employee hence, our HSE performance as a whole is a function of every employee’s performance.
  • All accidents will be preventable, if right and on-time preventive interventions are done.
  • Considering HSE issues specifically ergonomics principles when designing Products, processes and equipment is more effective.
  • The criteria for any HSE dialogue, concern, proposal or resource allocation is risk analysis, hence risk assessment and giving risk attitude publicity is a necessity for creating HSE climate among employees.
  • Operational and statistical supervision by managers are considered as an important part of their leadership and commitment for HSE.
  • Including HSE performance in the appraisal of staff and rewards accordingly.
This policy is a key part of the Crouse Co. overall strategy and provides and requires the framework for all employees specially managers to put in place the organization and processes to accomplish it.