Crouse Automotive Parts Facilitated Meeting Euro 5 Standard for National Vehicles

Although automotive manufacturers have been obliged to observe Euro 5 Emission Standard as of 2020, they have been unsuccessful, and consequently, requested to have the obligation postponed. Nevertheless, since the Department of Environment places great emphasis on the observance of this obligation, Crouse Co. has provided manufacturers with high quality automotive parts to help them meet the standard.

Obtainment of Euro 5 Standard for vehicles is dependent on many factors such as engine technology and design, engine management system, catalyst and the quality of petrol. However, in order to achieve this Standard with a proper calibration, ECU and catalyst, it is first necessary to meet primary requirements for achieving higher standards in designing engines. Crouse Company has employed a reliable calibration to manufacture and supply high quality management systems including ECU, electronic gas valve, injector, coil and sensors to help domestic manufactures obtain Euro 5 Standard.

It is possible to consider ECU as the most important controlling unit of every car. Obviously, adopting more up-to-date technology in designing and manufacturing software and hardware provides automotive manufacturers with better operating and controlling options. Crouse has started the localization of ECU since the beginning of 2011, and as the time has passed, it was successful to reach Euro 5 Emission Standard employing its special design. Currently, the future versions of this product are under design and development.    

ECU calibration and management system play a significant role in the final efficiency of system. Crouse has localized this technology, and having the ability to change operational factors and controlling strategies, it has furnished the local automotive manufacturers to meet Euro 5 Standard. Crouse has been successful to obtain Euro 5 Standard for different engines and vehicles among them EF7 engine in Dena Plus, Dena, Soren and Samand,  TU3 engine in 206, TU5 engine in 207, 206, Runna and Pars and EC5 engine in Tiba, Quick and Saina.

Another influential factor in obtainment of Euro 5 Standard is catalytic converter that is used with exhaust systems to reduce air pollutants. Presently, Crouse is the suppler of catalytic convertors for TU5 engines used in 206, 207, Pars and 405 Peugeots and Runna, which enabled them to meet Euro 5 standard. Another product that is equipped with this convertor is Kara cc2000 pickup truck. It is worth mentioning that this converter has played an important role in minimizing air pollution.

This company is honored to provide required infrastructures to explore the feasibility of parts localization projects by forming specialized self-sufficient teams and holding sessions with various groups, and in consideration of technical and standard requirements, has facilitated this process.