Statement by the 12,000 Crouse family members to stop telegram's activities against the auto industry

The 12,000 members of Crouse Industries family issued a statement to appreciate the judiciary and Iranian Cyber Police timely action to halt the telegram channel in opposition to automobile manufacturers.

It is worth mentioning that despite this previous complaint by the Crouse Manufacturing Company and the case pending before the judiciary, the channel has issued false, insulting, and destructive activities to automobile manufacturers and parts manufacturers.

The statement says:

To Respected Officials of the Judiciary and Iranian Cyber Police

Unfortunately, in recent months, we have seen some opportunist individuals, aiming at personal gain, disregarding the supreme leadership's commendation of all-out support for producers as "commanders of the economic war under sanctions" and disrespecting the slogan of the year: 'boom in production', they struck automotive and auto parts industries and started a destructive propaganda in their channel by wreaking havoc on these important sectors of the economy.

We hereby appreciate the speedy and timely action of the judicial authorities and the cyber police to halt the telegram channel against the automobile manufacturers, which during the media activity questioned all the efforts of the automobile industry's employers with a false accusation, creating anxiety and terror among the youth and getting along with the enemy while the country endures a brutal sanction.

It is hoped that by the double efforts of automotive industry activists and especially Crouse Manufacturing Company and the support of the authorities, we will be able to take effective steps towards localization and boosting production.


 Crouse Manufacturing Company Personnel