Crouse Cooperation in Electronic Systems of Aviation Industry

    1. Crouse, as the country'slargest part manufacturing enterprise, has been able to contribute greatly tothe country's automotive industry by localizing advanced automotive componentsand making it independent from other countries

    2. From the point of view ofthe Director of the Meraj Airlines, Amir Mirsamiei, Crouse is a successfulexample of a privately owned company that is well-structured and productive

    3. Mirsamiei said the Crousecould open the way for the country's aviation industry to produce about 80percent of the electronic components needed in the industry affected by cruelUS sanctions, in cooperation with the Meraj Airlines

    4.Meraj and Crouse Airlinescan produce synergies and partnerships in the country's aviation industry

With the start of the second wave of sanctions and the subsequentfailure of many foreign partners to cooperate, numerous problems occurred inthe country's industries, forcing them to make serious decisions about theself-sufficiency of the sensitive and strategic components of each industry.Production boom, quality improvement and increasing industrial growth are threeimportant steps in the path of resistance economic policies. CrouseManufacturing Company, recognized as the country's largest part manufacturer,has been helpful in solving the country's automotive industry problems by localizingadvanced automotive components and making the industry independent from othercountries.

Mirsamiei, the Managing director of the Meraj Airlines and a group ofaviation industry experts, recently visited the activities, production lines,design centers and industrial equipment production lines in Crouse Company.

From Mirsamiei's  point of view, Crouseis a successful example of a privately owned company that is well-structuredand productive, and he also requested for an arrangement in which this partmanufacturer, in cooperation with the country's aviation industry, localize theproduction of components needed by the aviation industry.

During the visit, Mirsamiei pointed out to the capabilities of Crouse Companyto produce advanced systems and sensitive components and said: "Crouse canbe a breakthrough for the country's aviation industry and about 80 percent ofthe electronic components needed in the industry which encounter problems dueto cruel US sanctions. By supplying components and helping aviation industry,Crouse also can help reduce the need to foreign currencies.

Meraj Airlines CEO added: "Meraj and Crouse Airlines can producesynergies and partnerships with producing appropriate parts needed in thecountry's aviation industry."