Crouse Drastic Movement in Localizing the Production of Advanced Auto Parts

1.      Crouse Company strives todevelop part manufacturing, employment and economic self-sufficiency in thecountry

2.      Crouse produces over 1000 kindof auto parts with different technical numbers at its three production sites

3.      Crouse has a direct role insupplying about 41 local car models

4.      Crouse has invested 330trillion IRR in assistance to the automotive industry, saving tens of millionsof dollars in foreign currency annually

5.      Other accomplishments ofthe Crouse include employment for women, which has helped to prevent socialharm.

After about a year and a half of intense US sanctions against ourcountry, as well as direct sanctions on the automotive industry, which have hada negative impact on the supply chain of automakers, there are manufacturersthat haven't given up efforts to supply parts to prevent the accumulation ofincomplete cars in auto makers' parking lot. One of these part manufacturingcompanies is Crouse, the largest component manufacturer in the country thatstrives to develop the part industry, employment and economic self-sufficiency;and is helpful in maintaining local production of auto industry.

This part manufacturing company has an important role in supplying autoparts for Iran Khodro, SAIPA, Bahman Group and others. In principle, Crousemanufactures over 1000 kinds of parts and components with different technicalnumbers at its three production sites, and it can be said that there are almostno locally assembled cars that does not use at least one set of components. Crousehas a direct role in a wide range of assembly cars and about 41 local carmodels and is a major supplier of the country's automotive industry needs.Parts of this company are used in cars such as Peugeot 405, 206, Rana, Tiba, Brilliance,Capra, Dongfeng and others. Crouse has reduced imports by deepening the localizationof parts and achieving self-sufficiency in the manufacture of many single andadvanced automotive components, and mass-produced them at the same quality andprice. Crouse, with an effective presence in the Resistance Economy is tryingto achieve self-sufficiency in the industry in a situation where the Ministryof Industry, Mines and Trade defined some objectives and put them in the agendato develop local design and manufacture, particularly the part industry, withthe aim of reducing import and need to foreign currencies, by participating inspecialized meetings, organized by the Ministry. For example, Iskra, one ofCrouse Affiliate Company has been able to localize more than 50% of the car's ignitionand alternator components, using world-class technology and sophisticatedequipment as well as with the help of youth and elite engineers, saving morethan $3 million annually. At present, these products from Iskra are recognizedin the local market as the best and highest quality.

In addition, Iskra can be named as the first exporter of ignition andalternator to the overseas, as a contract was recently signed between Iskra andLLC Pramo-Electro from Russia, whereby various types of ignition, alternator andtheir related parts have been exported to Russia, indicating that the qualityof the parts produced is high enough to be exported.

Crouse part manufacturing in its three decades of operation with aninvestment of 330 trillion IRR has helped the automotive industry greatly, asit has reduced the need to foreign currencies and saved tens of millions ofdollars annually. Other accomplishments of the Crouse include employment forwomen, which has helped to prevent social harm and has kept pace with worldstandards.