Fouladgar on the Sidelines of Crouse Booth Visit: We Need to Provide Deregulation to Improve Business Conditions in Part Manufacturing Industry

The member of Industries and Mines Committee of Iran Parliament said the improvement of the business in the part manufacturing industry must be achieved through deregulation, removing barriers and allocating banking and non-banking facilities.

Hamid Reza Fouladgar, the member of Industries and Mines Committee at Islamic Consultative Assembly [Iran Parliament], during Crouse booth visit at the 14th Exhibition of Automotive Parts, Components and Accessories in response to question about parliament's support for part manufacturing enterprises such as Crouse said: "The laws we have passed in recent years were in line to endorse local production."

He then added: "This support should first prevent the import of goods that can be manufactured and produced locally."

"Secondly, Part manufacturers must be provided with enough facilities to produce parts; the former is the facilitator and the latter helps to remove the barriers for the part makers to improve their business."

Parliament representative for the city of Isfahan in the Islamic Consultative Assembly stated: "Business improvement in the industry must be resolved through deregulation; also allocation of banking facilities from central bank resources is one of the programs that all branches of government; Legislative, Executive and Judiciary should pursue. 

"Non-bank sources, such as the capital market, will be the best opportunity to support and provide liquidity to part manufacturing companies, including Crouse," Fouladgar said.