With the trend and announcement of the US sanctions on thecountry's industries, including the automobile industry, which led to the suspensionof cooperation with related companies, this large industry began a new era ofhardship and challenge, but at the same time it appreciated the economicpressures as a blessing and turned the threats into opportunities.

Crouse Manufacturing Co., as the country's largest part andcomponent manufacturing company was able to use the experience resulted frommeasures taken in response to international sanctions and subsequent numerousproblems in procuring raw materials due to withdrawal of foreign partners andsimilar hurdles,… with the help of young Iranian specialists and relying ontheir science and technology, Crouse has been able to localize the advancedauto parts and helps to advance the localization movement. With the advent ofthe auto part localization movement in the automotive industry, parts whoseshortages have hurdled delivery of thousands of cars were localized day by day;in which the Crouse managers had a major role. There are also about 12,000human resources currently operating in the enterprise, and more valuable factis that a large number of these human recourses are women; therefore Crouse hasmade an effective step in creating employment in Islamic resilient economy.This progress, while making sanctions an opportunity, has other importantimpact from other perspective, as it creates panic and anxiety for middlemanand fake entities that see their profits in a deviation from truthful path andseek to paint a black picture of the situation and portray compassionateauthorities in a bad light with false publicity and public outcry to underminetheir successes. When news of localization of a new auto part is published,they become more active to undermine the achievements, to misrepresentinformation, forge documents and attribute false accusation to the Company;they attempt to invade privacy and mislead the public opinion. It is noteworthythat the company's executives and leaders have reached self-esteem and believethat their path is right and that they are powerfully continuing to do so; andit is expected from compassionate officials in the judiciary and monitoringbody to expose these seemingly friendly enemies by their smart observation andinject more hope into the industry's larger manufacturing community than everbefore.

Crouse Company continues to prosper and thrive despite the issuescreated by sanctions and deficiencies, and also Crouse reserve the right tocomplain to publishers of false statements, and calls on the respectedauthorities and supporters of this great industry to investigate thefabrication of public opinion through the media and channels already known, sothat public can be properly informed by the media; and the information iscompletely transmitted to public sphere.

In the end, it is worth noting that in the near future what isright and what is false will be revealed. We will continue our road map calmlyand firmly, which is surely the correct answer to the lies and falsifications.