Mahdi Sheikh: The development of the part manufacturing industry will bring employment and economic self-sufficiency in the country

Mahdi Sheikh, the representative of Tehran, Rey, Shemiranat and Islamshahr in Islamic Consultative Assembly visited No. 2 site of Crouse Manufacturing Company. During the visit, he described Crouse as a successful example of a totally privately owned company that has been able to apply the most modern machinery to produce high quality components that meet the international standard and to provide employment for 11,000 skilled workers.

"The automotive industry is associated with various industries such as parts manufacturing industry, which is why the part making sector contributes to employment and economic self-sufficiency in the country and helps the resistance economy", said Mahdi Sheikh.

He also added: "These are the reasons why it is necessary to support the automotive and auto parts industry than ever before. Of course, it does not mean that they should be governed by the state."

Sheikh said: "At some point we saw the automotive industry derailed from expertise path and became a backyard for some, and it hit the industry a lot.

Sheikh criticized the slogan to move towards privatization without being pursued in practice and said: "Crouse is a successful example of a private company; several young people set up the company in the 1980s and now it produces high quality and modern parts. During this visit I witnessed the application of the most modern machines to produce high quality parts that are in line with the global standard, as well as the skilled manpower working in the factory and the fact that it provided good employment conditions for women that plays an important role in preventing social harm."

Sheikh who is the member of cultural commission in Iran Parliament stated "It is not enough to chant slogans without practical endorsement for private sector. The three branches of government must support part making companies and eliminate the barriers to their work."

"The legislature body has requested the state to cut off its management relationship with the automakers, and I hope the government adheres to this policy as soon as possible, if the state administration is removed from the automotive industry, there will be a boom in the automotive industry," he said.