Member of the Women's Faction of the Islamic Consultative Assembly: One of the honors of the Crouse Co. is the role of women in the Part manufacturing Industry

A member of the Women's Faction of the Islamic Consultative Assembly visited the production lines, centers for the design and production of industrial machinery in site No. 2 of Cruise Manufacturing Company. During this visit, Engineer Nader Sakha, the CEO of the Crouse Company, and the executives of various departments including productivity and quality provided descriptions and explanations to Hajar Chenarani, the representative of the Neyshabour and Firoozeh people in the Islamic Consultative Assembly. Chenarani stated that the Crouse has achieved international standards and, more valuable than that is the fact that a large number of women made up its human recourses.

"With the brutal sanctions against the Iranian nation, we saw hurdles in vehicle manufacturing in the country but likewise the sanctions helped the localization of more parts in the industry", added Chenarani

She also mentioned: "What is important is that after the sanctions we were able to turn the threats into opportunities in the part manufacturing industry, but of course we need to empower the part makers to produce needed parts with the same quality, even the low-priced parts which were being imported."

She emphasized the need for the legislature body to support the part manufacturing industry and said: "The Majlis [Islamic Consultative Assembly] uses all its power to create sustainable employment, especially in part manufacturing industry. Crouse has been able to bring itself closer to world standards in this industry and to have a very healthy working environment with very high standards."