Alireza Mahjub:Precision in Crouse Part Manufacturing Co. is ultra accurate

“When the MPs speak about the quality of cars, it is not about the auto assembly line, they talk about the quality and precision in part manufacturing industry which I fortunately found ultra precise while I visited Crouse Part Manufacturing Co..” said the representatives of Tehran, Rey, Shemiranat, Islamshahr and Pardis in the Iran Islamic Parliament.

Mahjub, head of the Labor Faction of the Islamic Consultative Assembly visited the site No. 2 of Crouse Company and its activities, production lines and centers for the design and production of industrial machines of this enterprise.

Alireza Mahjub described the Company in his visit as a successful, well-structured privately owned company, and requested that other MPs of the Assembly also visit the Cruise Part Manufacturing Co. to get more familiar with the importance and position of the part making industry.

“Part manufacturing is the mother of all industries, the more complex the parts, the more important their role. We used to import auto wire, but today, when I see this speed, discipline, and precision in production of automotive wiring and controls, and to the extent that it has become an art, skill and technique, I really thanked God” said Tehran, Rey, Shemiranat, Islamshahr and Pardis representative in the Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran during his visit.

The head of Labor Faction of the Islamic Consultative Assembly added: "Since I was the producers of these wires I already know these arrangements and I saw the zero defect in Crouse Part Manufacturing Co. and the importance of the work is clearly obvious.

Criticizing the lack of awareness among the MPs and the community about the strength of part manufacturers, he said: "They think the part manufacturing is a simple casting; even to some of my colleagues, its importance is not so clear. The arrangement for MPs visit is a valuable initiative which is worth to be continued. At the very least, it is to the benefit of many people and even representatives of the nation to see how important the part manufacturing industry is, and then they will endorse and support it.

Mahjub emphasized that some countries started making parts instead of making automobiles. He said that Turkey is not a car maker but it is rather a part maker, so whatever it assembles will be more ahead of Iran products because it has started the industry in the right place.

The Representative of Tehran, Rey, Shemiranat, Islamshahr and Pardis said: “I have now witnessed a significant progress and upgrade in Crouse Manufacturing Co., I hope this upgrade path does not stop, as long as an enterprise looks forward, it remains dynamic and alive, and all associated industries stay dynamic and alive, in other words, part manufacturing is an art that can serve all industries and it is also a universal industry.