Nader Sakha: Improving and localizing vehicle electric and electronic platform by Crouse

Nader Sakha, the ceo of Crouse company said: Many parts of car for instance ECU and ACU are made completely in Iran . Also all products related to body control like front Amp, Multi media, Multipurpose display, Central Control Unit, fuse boxes are made completely in Iran.
He said: The brakes consist of different parts and about 80% of its made in Iran and soon the remainder of it will be made in this country and supplied to market. The problem in the second sanction for the parts of ABS are solved with domestic production by Crouse company and it has created more software capabilities with improvements in new parts.

The ceo of Crouse company said: We had problems about the ABS brake in second sanction and must be change the last platform. Of course the change of this brake system platform was an eight-month project but relying on the talent of Iranian youth are designed and are made completely in three months in Iran.