Crouse company is a point of hope

A professor of university during a visit from Crouse company said: Crouse in industry can be a point of hope and I'm sure this company will have a good/bright future even in the field of exports and It can bring up the name of Iran in the world.
Dr Lotfalibakhsh, a member of university's faculty about non-govermental sector in Iran said: An important part of corruptions in Iran has taken place in some non-govermental sector and if it was done right, We could saw a better economic situation in Iran but unfortunately It has become one of the most corrupt sectors of the country.
Government's interference in pricing was critisized by him. He said unfortunately the issue of government's interference in all matters has become problematic in Iran.
Lotfalibakhsh said: Crouse company is a successful non-govermental sector of industry that uses efficient management and this companies can be adapted and survived in hard conditions.